At K.M.B. International Money Transfer Limited, we provide excellent service to all our clients. Our clients belong to different industries and hence we provide customised solutions.

Exclusive Dealer for your company:

Each client will be assigned a particular agent who will take care of the individual account. We will first understand the nature of your business .Then we calculate the risk involved based on which we devise a strategy.  Expert advice will be provided to clients on how to have a diverse portfolio in Foreign Exchange to gain maximum profit.

Best Exchange Rates:

Our company provides very good exchange rates and we can help you improve the profits margins that you get on currency fluctuations. We always bear in the mind the amount of risk you are willing to take, before we advise you on any transaction.

Overseas Dealings:

If you have to constantly deal with business units outside the country and deal with other currencies, we can help you in minimizing the risk and cost involved in those transactions.

We will help you to maximize your market opportunity, protect you against profit-consuming exchange rate movements, simplify your transactions and add value to your business. You can have complete control over all the foreign exchange transactions. We are just a phone call away to assist you.

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